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I Ride for the: Freedom

11 July 2011

A few weeks ago I teased a series of blog posts called “I Ride For The _____.” Without further ado, the first installation.

I Ride for the:

Freedom – there’s nothing like the freedom of two wheels. Exploration is so much easier on the bike. It’s easy to sneak down an alley, cut between buildings and roll down some stairs. I can pull off suddenly for a closer look at something when I’m on a smaller, more agile machine.There’s freedom in pulling off to snap a photo, a photo of something I’m more aware of because I am a part of my surroundings, rather than isolated from them behind a windshield. There’s freedom in stopping to read the historical or geological information on a roadside plaque or sign, because I don’t have to slam on my brakes and lose what feels like precious seconds on the road. When I’m already moving slower, there’s less urgency in maintaining a high speed. On a bike, a road closure isn’t an inconvenience, it’s an excuse to explore a street or neighborhood I’ve never ridden.  There is freedom in rolling up the bike lane during rush hour when others are sitting still, trapped in their cars. On my bike, my route is seldom pre-determined. Each 4-way stop sign isn’t an impediment that slows me down, it’s an opportunity to change course, a decision about where to go next. There is freedom in saying “Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been on this street before” in a city I’ve called home for over ten years.

I ride for the freedom.

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