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Groucho Sports and other exciting stuff!

20 May 2011

I’m super excited and honored to have been chosen as a guest blogger over at one of my favorite blogs, Groucho Sports. They’re a great company, doing some very cool things with riding and running apparel. Beyond their actual products, I can’t speak highly enough of the people behind the company. They’re a really great group of people, doing some really great things. It’s been exciting to watch them grow!

I originally wrote a post a few weeks ago, went to post it to their site, and was shocked to find it had already been posted! The amazing Erin Klegstad wrote basically the exact same blog that I had written – entitled “Why I Love Cycling.

Bummer? Sort of. Opportunity? Yes!

I wrote a different post that got posted today. You can check it out here.

I took my “Why I Love Cycling” post and have expanded upon it greatly. I’ve expanded on each point, and it’s going to be a weekly series over the next few weeks. A lot of them are already written, so you can expect more frequent posting over the next few months!

Once again, I have to extend a huge thank you to the folks over at Groucho Sports for the honor of guest posting today, and I hope you head over there to read my post. Their regular bloggers are pretty awesome, and I’d recommend adding Groucho Sports to your regular blogroll.

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