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19 October 2015

Just over a month ago, the Trek Family lost one of its own in the most heart wrenching way. John Seiler was hit by a car while riding his bike. Today we took a break from all the “seems important” stuff to do what really is important. The bike company collectively stepped away from our computers to honor John the best way we know how, by riding our bikes with our friends, our co-workers, our #TrekFamily. Today we honored John’s memory by riding our bikes.

The day I heard about John’s accident, I had a hard time processing the news. In the end, I did two things. I rode my bike. Because I needed to exorcise that demon of bad things happening to someone on a bike. OUR someone on a bike. And I did the other thing that helps when it seems like nothing else will. I sat at my computer and hammered out words until I couldn’t see through the tears to write any more.

Usually when I write to cope I close my word processor without saving. This time, however, I put it up on my blog. My blog has been active for over five and a half years. That single post had more views in the first two days than my site had seen in total in the 5.5 years leading up to that post. It means so much to me that this was the story that could strike that chord with people. It makes coping with this kind of tragic loss easier, knowing that it’s not the world against cyclists. When the world loses a good person, everyone loses, and everyone cares.

So on the day we honored John with a ride, I want to re-share my thoughts from that first day, when Mark Joslyn had to send out what had to have been one of the hardest emails he’s ever written. Today Mark stood in front of a few hundred of the Trek Family and reiterated what it meant to be a part of that family. Trek is a special place, and I’m proud to be a part of that family.


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