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Don’t call it a comeback…

30 October 2014

… or call it a comeback. I don’t really care either way.

This post is to serve as a warning. I’m going to take another run at this site.

I have ideas, and I’m arrogant enough to think they’re worth sharing.

Unfortunately I have a lot of ideas not worth sharing, too, and if you’re going to stick through this with me to find the ideas worth sharing, you’re probably going to have to sit through a lot of trash.

I’m a little out of practice writing, so I’ll start out like a landlubber on his first day at sea.

Refining my writing is one of my goals in getting back into this, but it might be a little rough to start.

I have a couple years worth of ideas that haven’t been properly expressed, so this thing is about to go all over the place.



The Internet.




All fair game.

I might even get around to posting the end result of the project that was the subject of my last post.

If you’re with me, hang on tight, this is about to get fun.

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