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Seat 16D

29 February 2012

16D. Decent seat. Nothing special. Just another seat on another plane. It’s been my routine for many years. Drive a bit. Ride a bike for a while. Drive some more. Get on a plane. Repeat.

Since my first trip at the Tour de France in 2005, Trek Travel has been my primary source of income. Even when I was out with injury, working for other companies, or just taking a hiatus, when people asked what I did, I told them I worked for Trek Travel.

Seat 16D changes that. I’m on a plane bound for Minneapolis. Trek Travel paid for this flight. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and go through my normal morning routine. Everything will seem normal, but everything will not be normal. For the first time in nearly seven years, when you ask me what I do, I’ll have to correct myself when I say that I work for Trek Travel (it’s been seven years, it’s going to be a hard habit to break). Tomorrow the correct answer to that question is, “I’m the Marketing and Communications Manager for Adventure Fit.”

Seat 16D, this one’s on you. Don’t blow this for me.

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