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4 day Solvang Ride Camp for $399??? Sort of.

8 March 2011

The other day, I wrote about Trek Travel‘s new Solvang Ride Camps. Were you tempted? How about this crazy little tidbit that I just learned. Anyone who goes on one of our Ride Camp trips will get a voucher for $300 off a new 5 or 6 series Madone or 9 series Speed Concept – including Project One! (to be used within 30 days of finishing the trip) So if you were planning on buying a new Madone or Speed Concept this spring anyway, this trip just became an amazing deal! I’ve been out for a couple rides in the last three days and the riding here is stellar. We’re off to write one last route tomorrow and all the pieces will be in place for a week (or four days) of awesome riding around Solvang. Hope to see you in California!

As always, leave a comment below or connect with me on Twitter if you have any questions I can answer for you about this or any Trek Travel trip!

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