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17 September 2010

Twitter: the ultimate “I don’t get it” social media. I’ve spoken to so many people have tried it, but quit or stopped posting because they didn’t “get it” – or who never bothered because they didn’t “get it.” I’ve tried to justify it to all of these people. I LOVE Twitter. It serves a multitude of purposes for me. However, there is a question that comes out of all of my explanations that has been hanging in the back of my head for a while. I know what I use Twitter for, and I know why I follow (or don’t follow) certain people, but why in the heck would anyone follow me?

So I ask you, why do you follow me?

What value to I add to your twitter feed?

There must be a reason you clicked the “follow” button in the first place, and a reason you haven’t gone back and clicked on “unfollow.” I’m curious what that is. If you’re interested in sharing, I’m interested in hearing.

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